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The Times, The Days, The Minutes That Went Running By For You

so things go the way they go
they do not move or stop or grow
they keep on passing passing by
slipping through the net of time

they drip with the seconds leaving behind
the morsels of what were once mine
peices of a heart caught broken like glass or metal
are loosing thier shine

a memory of what befell
the loss that time and fate could tell
but i could not see, i could not feel
in the shining mirror of your smiling face
that blinded me from the signs as clear as the stars

ill fated blows i delt to you
you delt them back and broke me

the happy mirror
reflecting us in eachother
slid to the ground and cracked to a frown
turned the net right upside down

now times been running through my brain
reminding me of our love again
while i wait for it to rain like it did back then

the things go on but i do not
as they rush around my shattered heart
tide of time sweep the peices away!
to some barren shore and bake them in the sun
they will be warmed they will be found
and peice by peice we'll be reformed

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