The Times We Try

The many times in life we try,
To go up and down so earnestly we get by.
To be a place, to know a face and want nothing to do with it,
To pretend till life ends, to think you know what you want.
Is this me? Will this stage last forever?
I want to do so much and feel i have such little time, that when i'm kept back, it worries me.
Are we hypocrites? Or better yet am i?
What stops me from losing control,
Whats so special about me that i don't loose it to pressures of work, home and life
Alone is but one word that has so much meaning.
Damped feelings are but damp, not wet or soaked
Just as life is for a time, so to are the ever changing feelings that one feels as one breathe is taken in and one is let out.

by Raymichelle Springer

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