Why Should I Cry? !

Why should i cry? !
When you are always standing by me;
With the muse of your sweet love.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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you've got to be me
Another child has killed a child! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
these too are your children this too is your child A poignant statement poetically established
It is painful when children are killed.A mother's pain of losing her child is felt by all living beings in nature.The animals and birds sympathize the weeping mother. We are no humans when we remain insensitive to the death of children because they are not of our race or religion.To quote from the poem- - it is hard to remain human on a day when birds perch weeping in the trees and the squirrel eyes do not look away but the dog ones do in pity. another child has killed a child and i catch myself relieved that they are white and i might understand except that i am tired of understanding.
Some pains are universal, they go beyond the boundaries. Beyond colour of skin or race or alphabet. A nice write. 10 for sharing this lovely poem.
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