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The Tin Heart

I could sit here and tell you all about me
And the secrets that I do keep
About my life and my feelings inside
And my dreams just out of reach

I could tell you about the love's in my life
And of those that made me cry
And of the passion's that I cling to so
And for reasons I know not why

I can tell you about thought happiness found
And how I watched it die
And how overwhelmed with hurt I become
As alone I was inside

I can tell you about how I feel inside
And of life how I feel about things
And how I searched a dictionary once
For happiness and what it did mean

I could tell you about this road that I chose
And it's burdens with it's heavy loads
And decisions I faced that I had to make
Some were wrong and I do know

I can tell you about the beauty I see
I can see it all around me
And how that I now feel that wisdom has come
I can hear it even now as I speak

I could tell you all about my life
How I got up when I fell apart
And what I've discovered that life's given me
For behold is given, the tin heart.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

by Bill Simmons

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