The Title

Poem By Louie Renz Bautista

It was once an august literary piece
Fascinated, I became a fan... I became her God...
I thought my hands could write and align those words of avid
So it could reach the soaring blue sky

Before, no dropp of ink from my feathered pen
Can make her align and her title superlative
It was a combination of black and white
And her face marred by words, gets betrayed -
Like getting a tattoo more than half of her body
She didn't complain, she didn't mind

But that time, even though I'm her God
Hands tainted by ink, dirt, and blood has been obtruding
I promise her eternal glory by rolling a black thunder incorporated with my dreams

Gone were the night when fireflies come back to lighten up her beauty:
One by one they died by the lithe below

Some sort of feelings for her
Though I'm her master
Sometimes I hid those feelings behind her body
Sometimes I hid my rebellion and a war can start because she was my bait

I mourn everyday from yesterday
But my power to use her is to use my freedom
Something I must ought
Something that I want

Because I want change that's why I made a commitment with her
A commitment that needs a sacrifice
A sacrifice that can hurt both of us
A sacrifice that may even cause a beautiful tragic ending

Walking thousand miles apart
I was vulnerable
Becoming your God is your destiny
Because your birth is a piece of it
And the others are scattered around while we walk along the path
I found you and you found me because the last piece was ours

I know that one day I have to leave you
But I know that other men will love you
But always remember that I love you first
Because I'm someone who is always at your front to fend

I know it was fast
I have to close my eyes right now
I am someone who made a contribution but failed to see change with you
As someone who use her but love her at the end
And as someone who will be remembered as a name under her title

Comments about The Title

Wow! Louie! I am speechless! I don't really know what to day after reading this work over and over! This is deep and heavy! Nevertheless, it is amazing! A reservoir of penning words! Thank you for sharing! 10+++ Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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