Because It Came From You

I wish I had the words to tell you
what was in my heart and head.
The depth of what I'm feeling
the future that I dread.
What I see when I look over
the time we've had so far.
The dreams yet unfulfilled,
what you've given who you are.
My friend, my husband and my lover
the keeper of my soul.
The man who knows me best
my everything I know.
The rock that I would lean on
when I felt no solid ground.
You know my goods, my bads my failures,
all of me no doubt.
You've been my world and my savior,
the light in my dark.
Everything I am today
was because of what's in your heart.
You are everything I trusted,
everything I knew.
See I was someone worthy of your love,
because it came from you.

by Heather Kemper

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