The Torment Land

Where are all The heroes. A child to be proud of
The institution of Marriage. Lies buried in twisted love
Where all The Leaders. Where character was a must
Where a handshake and a Word. Was a solemn Trust
The code of Liberty is covered. Prayer is now banned
is there any hope. For this torment land. The constitution lies buried. On a forgotten shelf
There is no such thing as neighbor. Everyone for himself
scale's of Justice are covered. With sheets of deceit
Every home is a prison. Good has met defeat
Washington and Lincoln. Men who Once stood proud and tall
are nothing but legend's. In America's great fall The lamp of Liberty. Is now just a flickering flame
America's beautiful face. Is now covered with shame
Elected official's are proud of deed's. That can't be shone
Where the poor is despised. They stand all alone
Is there any hope. Will right once more stand
Before it's too late. In this Torment Land

by Franklin Speck

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