The Torment Of A Bystander

The night felt right
For low tones and whispers
A perfect night
for lovers and deep sleepers

That night was right
for locked arms and a leisurely walk
a perfect night
for lovers to talk

I saw them ahead
The lass and the lad
And I dreamt in my head
Of the love that I had

The two turned right
I wanted adventure
It was a lonely night
To follow was a cure

A small hand toiled
To wriggle out in haste
A large hand had coiled
Round a well shaped waist

It was no normal hand
Was thrice my own in size
His frame was also grand
To be still was to be wise

But then it was no game
The lass, she screamed in pain
I knew quite well his aim
And it went against my grain

He bared a mighty phallus
Searched for an orifice
And with such brute force
Made sure he didn’t miss

Would I be a Samaritan?
Or just another Jew
Would I be a brave man?
Or vaporize like dew

I lingered for a moment
Then checked my strength reserve
Its funny how it all went
Together with my nerve

Though pain suffused my heart
And screaming filled the air
I played the cowards part-
Well, life has never been fair!

by Elnathan John

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