The Towering Pines Of Barryville

Tall are the pines of Barryville which many years have grown
Some stand in clusters and some stand alone
All awesomely erect like sentinels on guard
With arms that are poised to the command of God.
And, when the Heavenly King speaks softly to the winds
The towering pines acknowledge by a gentle whisper of their limbs
Oh, listen to the Lord's message sent by way of the pines
And hear about peace and tranquility amidst mother nature's rhymes.
It's a magnificent pine forest circling dense all around
This majestic profusion protect deer which often abound
And the carpet of needles that was shed on earth's floor
Help keep the tip-toeing bucks from the hunter's door.
Come, you must see the beauty and feel the boughs that smell of pine
It's a serene experience that will engulf you right to the marrow of your spine
So come, come all ye to Barryville and see the towering pine
You'll sense God's power and glory - a blessing which will be forever thine.

by Edmund D. Zayat

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