The Town

As the days turn from summer to fall, the days get cold and the night even colder.

You begin to see the simple town get more mysterious as the snow collects on the ground.

The trees collect the snow on the branches and the grass simply gets covered exposed in most areas.

You can’t help but wonder what an amazing place it is during the fall even though you just moved there during the last month of summer.

As you walk around, you see the place in a whole different way during the fall than you did during the summer.

The summers were hot during the day and warm enough to bear at night. It was like being in an oven for 12 hours at 95 degrees and it cooling down to 75 degrees for the next 12 hours.

When fall comes it’s like someone turned the thermostat down to cold temperatures.

You walk out of your home and immediately feel a huge difference in the temperature.

The falls were cold during the day and even colder during the night. It was like being in and industrial freezer for a month.

The town has 2 types of seasons and only 2 types; summer and winter. The summers are hot in the day and warm during the night. The winters are cold in the day and colder during the night.

by Dustin Hoffman

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