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The Town's Wealthiest Person

The town's wealthiest person was buried yesterday
But money no use to him where he now lay
His recently deceased wife gave birth to his two daughters and a son
A grandfather ten times he died at eighty one

Those who knew him say with his money he was tight
He never wined and dined in expensive restaurants at night
He was one of those good at making money but reluctant to spend
His often used saying was i am my own best friend

He did not grow old as generous he just grew old and gray
He never took his wife and children on a holiday
The accumulation of money was something he did enjoy
Something that gave him pleasure even as a schoolboy.

Those who knew him say he was quite stingy indeed
But the town's wealthiest man money now does not need
He was buried yesterday and yesterday has gone
And today in the town business as usual and life goes on.

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