What is love, might I ask you?

Is it a faint smell that travels in the air,
Or is it a bird that you see everyday fly?
Is it the feeling I get when I play with your hair,
Or is it the instant smile I wear, when in my mind you pass by..

Is it all of these or none of these. I believe..

Is it the faint warmth in the cold breeze,
Or is it the satisfaction of seeing your baby sleep?
Is it the tingling in my stomach when you tease,
Or is it the the moment I first saw you and got lost in your eyes deep..

Is it all of these, or none of these? I wonder..

Is it the divine will of God who made our paths cross again,
Or is it the fathomless longing to be someone's..
Is it the ecstasy I feel when I hear your child like giggle,
Or is it the realization that I've lost track of time and space..

Is it all of these, or none of these.. I think..

Is it love when I close my eyes and I find you there,
Or is it the restlessness I go through when you're not happy?
Is it the stupid jokes we tell each other to cheer them up,
Or is it the pause in the Flow of life when I hear you cry..

Is it all of these or none of these.. I understand..

The fact of the matter remains,
An understanding of love I cannot attain.
It's the universal heart that beats in every soul,
Yet it varies just as no two leaves are the same.
So when you find such a connection with another,
Don't rush to give it some label or the other.
Enjoy it while it lasts,
And hope the enjoyment lasts forever.

by Hopeless Romantic

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This is a very nice poem about the train.