Blue Sky Memories (In Answer To O Ingrid Jonker, For Daleen)

Blue sky memories continually comes to me
of a day under a bright summer sun
as if a part of you stays lingering,
when I love you even more (if I could)
while continually you are snared in my remembering.
Even when times of bad weather want to come
there is an unbreakable bond between us,
while continually I am astounded by our love.
Blue sky memories continually lingers in my thoughts
when I forget all of my previous heartaches,
when continually I am lost in you
and I always know about the depth of our love.
The sparkling sun continuously brings new hope,
when we walk days, months and years together on a road.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (13)

The train is running through the fields, the forests and the deserts So close to earth ... so many people... Yet not knowing whom to trust, whom not to, whom to believe, whom not to.. Beautiful lines. Very true about life as well. Excellently worded. Loved to read it. Brings back the nostalgic memories of the innumerable, unforgettable train journeys between Pune and Kerala, Andhra and Kerala and then Delhi and Kerala.
So close to the earth, Giving me a sense of destination and yet being so displaced; Of being among so many people laughing, singing, joking, and dancing and Yet, not knowing whom to trust, whom not to, whom to believe, whom not to. from the train you came to human trust and daily struggles of life. as a newly married woman a reader can understand your thoughts very well in the train... thank you for this poem .
A nice journey though Indian tracks. The Train journey In our country can render such a sense of homeliness and homelessness simultaneously. Such a journey gives us restlessness at times and meaninglessness at some others. A nice poem for reading. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Well expressed vary nice
With the activities of the day. Nice work.
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