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The Traitor That's In Me

In villages, towns and cities around the countryside
A day of celebrations and nationalistic pride
And flag waving and bands playing that goes with such a day
And such stuff that leads young warriors to war zones in places far away.

In every town and city and village in the Land
Today nationalism and patriotism seem to go hand in hand
Is it the traitor in me that on such occasions I cast some doubt
What I dare not say in public what is it all about?

Is it the traitor in me in ways am I that small?
I've never waved a National flag of such I can recall
I look on such occasions as not such a joyful and peaceful thing
Though the vast majority of such a celebration the praises feel proud to sing.

The flag waving crowds are cheering as the bands go marching by
And to add to the celebrations the sun shines in the sky
Though a show of nationalism and patriotism is all I seem to see
Yet I dare not reveal in public the traitor that's in me.

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