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The Travalers
EG ( / Iowa)

The Travalers

I have waited
For a long time
To find a friend who could read my mind
Someone who will always be there
to help me through life
weather the times are good
or filled with strife

The path through life is filled with twists and turns
Oh to find somebody with whom I can learn
Who will explore no others have trod
Who I can help and hold when the way becomes rough
But who will care
And see when I fall down
Who can pick me up off the ground

Who will go through life
Just her and me
Whatever the circumstances may be
Who will share
Whatever it may be
The lot that befalls her and me

And in the end
When we are old
She will still be the most beautiful
Most perfect girl for me

And when we cross into eternity
We can say we never failed
We went along hand in hand
Until the very end

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