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The Traveler

He is from the big and quiet country where the wild dingoes cry
At night when the moon shines in the starry sky
The home of the short billed corella, wallaby. wombat and roo
And emu, budgerigar, cockatiel and sulphur crested cockatoo

His life's journey began in the brown countryside
Of big paddocks for miles around flat and wide
Where the weather temperatures in Summer often soar to forty degrees
In the sparsely sheltered landscape of very few trees

The eldest of two his brother on the farm with mum and dad did stay
Whilst he followed his life's destiny to big Cities far away
To Delhi and Tokyo, London, Paris and Rome
And New York and Rio far distant from home

In his late twenties one without a constant partner or children he's never had a wife
But he has had and will always have many women in his life
He has left a few in tears when from them he moved on
But he has no regrets for what has been and gone

He stopped off at the pub as he was driving by
A tall handsome brown haired fellow for a few beers he was feeling dry
I chatted with him for an hour maybe more
Of his life of adventure and travels on many a foreign shore.

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