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The Traveler And His Family

The red fox hunting in the fields had hunger in his cry
And the cold winds of mid February blew across the darkened sky
The traveler his wife and their two teenage daughters members of the born to wander clan
Sat and sung songs by the campfire beside their horse drawn van.

Their only means of transport to serve their wandering way
Their pinto horse tied to a tree munched on a bunch of hay,
The traveler played his accordion his wife and their daughters sung along
Despite their obvious poverty they had music and song.

They had the gifts of song and music which is a marvellous thing
And where-ever they did travel to joy with them they did bring
The traveler and his family had traveled on many a road
And they did enjoy the lifestyle of the no fixed abode.

The by roads of the countryside they traveled up and down
And they sung and played at many a horse fair in many a country town
Born into the nomadic lifestyle traveling they did enjoy
But the World has changed more than a bit since I was a young boy.

From the roadway the increase in motorized vehicles their horse drawn vans did displace
And a different way of traveling for the born to wander race
And the changes keep on happening all in progress name
And nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same.

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