Spun Into A Numb

that trusted liquid
takes its toll
carries my thoughts
to places i've been
and should never have gone
to the junkies
and gays
on TV
its a sad world out there
spending money on drugs
and vanity.
i think of small animals
how they resemble
curious women,
my head
in my hands
examining the checkered
pattern on my shirt-
like the dime-sized
droplet of wine
left alone
in my

by Jonny Brackney

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Comments (6)

i really liked this poem...it's close to my school of thoughts and i'd have been proud to write this!
that is a very great thinking of yours. you are really blessed with imagination and true use of words. i really enjoyed very much. please read my poems at www.poemhunter.com/ravi-chandran i will be very greatful if you comment me \thank u keep it up.
Wow thats good and if you think about it your kind of describeing everyone seeing as we all feel lonely as we travel through life.
Hmmm nice poem :) .. keep improving, you have the talent..
so very nice...are u muslim? I love this, inshaAllah
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