The Treasures Of Tomorrow

All the treasures of tomorrow are destined yet to be,
Where no rogues can beg or borrow their future legacy!
A billion kisses still concealed though earnest lips still pine!
A billion smiles will be revealed in the fulness of time!
Don't hold your breath impatiently! God's mind will not be changed!
Although you feel uncertainty, all things have been arranged!
Romance awaits the chosen few and though not all are told,
God's angels sometimes give a clue so true love will unfold!
I envy all the happy hearts tomorrow will enchant -
Although love comes in stops-n-starts who knows what it will grant?
Tomorrow some men will propose with diamond rings, no less!
With fervent prayers as fondness grows - and dreams of happiness!
One day, who knows? I might ask, too! All sighs on bended knee!
Apart from saying, 'I love you! ' no treasures will I see...

by Denis Martindale

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