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The Tree
CB (29/06/1994 / Aylesbury uk)

The Tree

how many years did he before me take to grow
the beautiful disaster he has became
infact all of his brothers and sisters
all look exactly the same

although hes old and wrinkled
he still stands very tall
compared to this giant man
my house looks very small

i think theres somethings wrong with him
as hes always stuck to the ground
just looking straight infront of him
without making a sound

just as hes standing still
his friend comes out to play
you cannot really see his chum
but oh how joyous does he sway

he is very good to watch
when you are very bored
as he is the most beautiful thing
and he hates to be ignored

he has got alot of memories
he could tell secrets sweet and dark
but you dont have to worry
as he is the tree from down the park

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