WM (24 oct 48 / n.j.(usa))

The Tree With Roots In Hell

There is a place,
in timeless space,
where the dead do reign -
held captive by ethereal chain.

I know this place,
in timeless space,
and its tree for hanging of centuries past;
with earth held spirits long held fast.

Hope perches and flits to flight,
limb to limb throughout the night.
Hate flows as mist... vaporous evil snake;
Step back in haste, least it's bonds to break!

Dreams... Shattered remnants illuminate bright,
Floating spheres drift, eyes with empty sight;
Love moans lost, teathered to unseen steak -
Never to give nor ever to take.

From 1653 to 1811,
souls seek release to heaven.
Others damned, content to persist,
in deepest denial, perditions flames to resist.

I've seen this place,
in my time and space.
Today and tomorrow, those to stay -
trapped in time, 'til judgment day.

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Comments (5)

dark and a hint of gothic to it, hmm gotta love it
This is incredibly well-crafted, smooth rhymes, strong images, and more than a little spooky. Very strong writing.
walt - Very forboding with ominous overtones. It's too bad though we can rectify our sins of the past in this world, instead of the next. You might enjoy reading Willie James Kings 'Old Cahawba'. Great write - Cheryl
As a writer of a scribble called the Hanging Tree (uprooted and in for repairs beyond my rehab skills) , the title caught my imagination, and I was gripped much more by the atmosphere you generate - one befitting the monstrous theme. A powerful and brave work which merits further attention. jim
a wonderful comparative reflection of some past culture of punishment and of what would happen on judgment day..so deeply expressed and extraordinarily rich in substance..great work.