The Trees

Today I went for a walk
In the forest with the trees
I didn't need to talk, the
Trees they talked to me

They had much to tell me
All winter they'd been alone
And they chattered like chipmunks
Now that winter had gone

They told me about new life flowing
Through their trunks with the sap
And in their joy, believe me, I
Swear their limbs they clapped

They gloried in the warmth of
The heat in the spring sun
And rejoiced with the animals
In their branches having fun

The birds came back also, making
Their homes with the trees
They flitted and sang their joyous
Songs, bringing joy to the trees an me

So much they had to tell me
I lost track of time
I told them I had to go and
Would come another time

I walked out of the forest
Bidding adieu to the trees
Thanking them for the comfort
They had freely given me

And so I say to all of you
If you feel you have to flee
This world of noise and mayhem
Go visit with the trees

by Walter Lane

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