The Trees

Swoosh! Swish! Swoosh! Swish!
Why can't we all be like you?
Just to leave the horrors of the world behind
You say nothing, you are beautiful, peaceful, and when I come by you, your branches open as if to hug me
You flow in the direction of the wind, never will you once hesitate
All of you flow together
You long to touch eachother, but can't, for your roots which produced you, wants to keep you back from your friends, your family, your joy and life

But still you don't worry, you always co-operate with the wind
For even though you need someone to hug you
Someone to tell you I'll always be there
Someone to shade you from the Sun and Shelter from the Wind when it gets too cruel
You always stay calm, you are never afraid, you are never angry, you are never shy and you are never sad...

Some day soon, sooner than you think, I want to experience that
I want the world to one day, listen, and be like you, to treasure you.

*July 2006*

by Chantal Gumbs

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