Inanity Vanity Insanity

Slyly she shyly sees
Things that thinking there
Ought naughtily haughtily be
Verily scarily nearly wearily
Eerily enchanting enticingly enthralling
Scaly slithering writhing withering
Fear prejudice fraught malice
Hope sadness broke promises
Love fleeting life leaving
Breath failing beauty wailing
Why cry vie die

by Randy Ashby

Comments (2)

A fine piece from you again Sylvia, so much passion and heart-felt sentiments for those who had to toil under such conditions Love Duncan X
What a beautiful tribute to those who died to give us our freedom. I felt the mud and saw the blood, and felt their desire to serve. I do see some misspelled words and a couple of grammatical boo-boos, but otherwise, this is a fantastic work! Scarlett