ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

The Triumvirate Of Lady Hera

Ere the ostensible reign of Zeus
Stood The Lady Hera, thrice of Truth
Three aspects of Her eternal rite
Was Arcadian Stymphalus, Hera`s shrine of might

The twaddle of Hellenic Olympian myth
Displaced The Truth of Hera`s lithe
The matriarchal priestesshood, ne`er to swoon
Deft in White Magick, of Lady Hera`s Moon

First aspect of The Hera be
Maiden Selene, producing buds and leaves
Selene, doxy, the vernal Upper Air
In waxing moon, takes a Sacred Boy King, in Her snares

Second face, in Hera shines full
Nymph Aphrodite, earth and seatides She pulls
Flowers and fruits in fecundity
The full moon of The Queen Nymph`s Sea

Third fold of Hera, face hath wizened
From the erstwhile nymph, to the Crone Moon poison
A laconic spell, Cretan Axe of Blight
Takes the Sacred Old King, to Underworld of Night

Take heed ye sycophants, of Solar King-Gods
For puissance behest, in Hera`s dowser rod
For the rains of life, fain given, by The Lunar Queen
I dote doxologies, to The Hera Goddess Three

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