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The Trojan Heart
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The Trojan Heart

She will tell you she loves you
You believe every part
She'll hold you, She'll love you
For love, it has it's start

You will fall in love
But then the cruel it comes
So cruel is concieved
The Trojan heart

You will think that you
Have done something wrong
You try to make it right
But still the hurt it comes

You try so very hard
For love to believe
But pretend is her way
As she decieves

You try to make it right
You try to believe
You try to fight for love
That will never be

You try to fight the tears
You hide your broken heart
So cruel is concieved
The trojan heart

One day you will wake up
She will be gone
The cruel it has vanished
But still it lingers on

You cry all day
Alone with a sorrowed heart
So cruel is concieved.....
The Trojan heart.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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