On The Outside Looking In

The peels of laughter emulate from within
and he stands on the outside forever looking in.
He stands the stranger, which no one wants to know.
Sadness always etched across his brow
with a lonely heart beating inside.

He sees the smiles radiate from within
while he stands alone
always on the outside looking in.
The one who stands apart from any joyous crown
with only tears and a lonely heart.

He is the one who never is invited
to parties at anytime,
but has to watch from outside a window
on the outside always looking in.
He is that someone everyone reject as a friend.

One day he can only hope and tables will turn.
Until that day arrives
and his loneliness evaporates he will remain
the one who stands
on the outside always looking in.

14 May 2010

by David Harris

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'That Life is but a tale of morning grass Wither'd at eve'........So thinks man! The pensive warbler of the ruddy breast That moral sweeten by a heaven-taught lay, Lulling the year, with all its cares, to rest! '...........So thinks the bird! Wonderfully expressed!