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The True Australians

The true Australians have in them empathy
And for the sufferings of others they feel sympathy
They do not look down on the homeless the stateless and those in poverty
But sad to say in their own Country they are in a minority

To the good people of humanity the true Australians belong
All forms of racism and xenophobia they condemn as wrong
And in word or deed never put anyone down
Though people like they are strangers to renown

The true Australians are honorable in every way
Respect to all of all races they are always willing to pay
They are the unsung heroes and heroines of the great Southern Land
They live by a code of honor though those with far less compassion more respect seem to command

The true Australians can feel proud for to take their place
Among the great people of the human race
They embrace the great beauty on the fair go for all
And in their ways and thinking in them nothing small

The true Australians are people i can only admire
And of singing their praises i never do tire
On what they believe in pure beauty they create
It is people like they are make Australia great.

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