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The True Fact Of The Matter

Your given and family names not that important of you much they don't say
What matter most is that you be a good person and live in the decent way
Yet our society judges even judge people by their postal address
Though a scoundrel with an honorary title them does not fail to impress
Success is never easy for those of the poor side of the town
From the streets of want and squalor 'tis a long hike to renown
Homeless as teenagers their parents are in jail
They get hooked into drugs early they seemed destined for to fail
Favourable circustances of birth is an advantage though some with that may not agree
Life can be a hard old battle for those born into poverty
No doubt they are well meaning people those who talk of human equality
Though they cannot grasp the stark truth of life's reality
But the true fact of the matter is that in the worst of Humankind
In them more often than not people with a disadvantaged past you'll find.

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