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The True God

You often go to your house of worship for to try to purge your soul of sin
To kneel and pray to your God somewhere out there do you not have a God within?
The God of kindness and compassion does not live in the big World out there
If that is the God you are praying to you are wasting your time and your prayer
You ignore the God that's within you to your unseen God you are true
Though you look down on the financially unsuccessful people who are poorer than you
If you were in touch with the God within you then you would not think in this way
You would look on all people as equal and only good of others would say
If you cannot love the God within you the love of self you do ignore
For if you cannot love self you cannot love others so often we've heard that before
Goodness from self only can come and in our God within we do find
Love of self and others and compassion and what it does take to be kind
You kneel in your great house of worship for to pray to the God you don't see
But the true God is living within us in you and in others and me.

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