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The True God Indeed

If there is a God he's not for some but for all life forms that run, walk, swim, fly and crawl
Some portray their God as exclusive God in his ways could not be so small
A true God would not condemn atheists or those who from grace did fall
A true God would love everybody and everybody means all
He would not condemn earthly sinners to an afterlife of hell
And in his language no such word as agnostic or no such a word as infidel
Many people have their image of God and of how they wish their God for to be
In their narrow views they only portray of what is their reality
The only God we can lay claim to is the God we do have within
And you go ahead cast the first stone if you are the one without sin
Those who do believe in the true God never say other religions are wrong
They do not dismiss agnostics and atheists as sinners and their belief system is not weak but strong
They never wage war for their God and they help those of help in need
To them everybody an equal and their's is the true God indeed.

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God creates all, therefore it is impossible to be without or going against- one of those things many religious people are at a failure to take into account when condemning others is this true nature of all existence. Now whether God was right, or God was wrong it what it made people think and do is an entirely different subject, because surely as we've seen people shouldn't just be allowed to do whatever fool thing God might put in your mind to do- this is why we actually have the concept of morality and have been making laws ever since the 10 Commandments.