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The True Rhymer

A true rhymer never does run out of rhyme
Though eventually she or he runs out of time
Long after their best mental and physical years have gone
The writers of rhyme they does keep rhyming on
Since rhyme was a popular form of literature many decades have gone by
And why it went out of favour one must wonder why
There was a time when every rhymer in every town
Were popular with many and knew of local renown
The twenty first century literary critics will tell you that a rhymer is not a poet
And is therefore unworthy of literary note
Perhaps in the demise of rhyme literary critics a big part did play
But having this said most things in life have their day
But the true rhymers never do run out of rhyme
And they write rhymes in their old age well past their lives prime.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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