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The True Test Of Love

'Tis true action speaks louder than words can say
And to show our love each of us has our own way
And true love does not die as you grow old and gray
And a gift of flowers does not prove your love on Valentine's Day.

Of the praises of love you hear many sing
But true love as you know is not a one sided thing
Unrequited love it may linger for years
But for only one there is heartache and tears.

'Tis easy to say words such as I love you
But that does not prove your love for to be true
Love has inspired artists to sketch and poets to poetry and rhyme
But the true test of love is the great test of time.

It is a nice gesture one would have to suppose
For to give the one you love a flower or a rose
But cut flowers and roses are quick to decay
And false love does also quickly fade away.

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