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The True Worth Of Any Human Being

The true worth of any human being should not be defined by race
In a multicultural society for racism there's no place
Racism and ethnicity are siblings it does seem
Those racist to those different are low in self esteem
Yes racism is one thing that we would be better off without
Though a Human World that will be totally free of it is something i do doubt
Racism does come in three colors in black as well as white and brown
And there are racists in every race and they live in every town
The true worth of a human being cannot be defined by race or creed
A good person will never turn his or her back on one of help in need
A good person is not racist or judgmental and to the higher self is true
They sow the seeds of good Karma and good Karma will be their due
The racists and judgmental in their small ways are small
Since they cannot embrace the beauty in a fair go for all.

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