VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

The Truth

Everything around me is a lie,

or i'm the lie amidst of truth,

my eyes they beg for freedom,

i'm the palace of boredom,

i keep drowning within inside,

and the emptiness keeps screaming,

my loneliness fills all my emptiness,

darkness glows so brightly,

my silence shouts so loud,

my torn heart needs stitching,

my wounds keep burning,

i heal them with the fire,

burn them with my desire,

i keep telling myself,

that i don't belong here!

Lies they suck my life,

betrayals pierced arrows inside my heart,

i'm not cupid anymore,

i'm a deadman walking!

in the womb was my heaven!

This world has become hell!

I wish i died before i came!

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Comments (2)

stay resilient and i know for sure u are..great poem u speak the truth truthfully and honestly
Hang in there buddy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lies dominate our very existence these days. Still there is freedom in TRUTH. Good work. Excellent write.