The Truth

Poem By Xcutter Xoisain

Doesn't it matter that I could be gone in minutes?
All you ever do is rip me in shreds...
You would never care if I did something horrible,
I was so happy with you...
But now it's gone...
Why can't you just make up you're mind?
Or otherwise I couldn't leave you forever,
I thought you were different...
Yet all you did was hurt me,
I'm the boy who always hides his tears,
And makes sure everyone else is okay,
When really I can't even help myself,
Everytime you look at me,
It kills me inside,
I pretend my happiness is alive,
When really I'm just dead inside,
My blood has fallen for you...
Never would you care,
I mean nothing to you...
So why don't you get what you want...?
Live life like I never existed...
I'll smile when I'm not okay,
Shatter the broken heart I gave you,
You tried to repair it but broke it more...
There's a beautiful picture in my wrist...
Never going away...
But I have a few last words...
For you...
If I mattered you wouldn't have hurt me...
You wouldn't have let me be free...
Your voice in my thoughts,
So let me drift away,
And I'll keep bleeding,
I never can be yours,
Because I'm not good enough,
And I never will be,
You were the girl I cared so much for,
So this is my goodbye...
Just let go and I'll be gone forever

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