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The Truth
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The Truth

All our lives we strive for our rights, from the day were born until the day that we die
We never give a thought until the time comes what will happen after we are dead and gone
We work all our lives; we toil and sweat, and never want to think about what happen after death
Our bodies are feeble, and our strength is frail, and in the end only our spirits will prevail
Why does no one consider, why do they not want to know, death is inevitable this has been shown

We don’t like to think that we could be wrong,
we don’t like to think that we only have so long.
We have too much pride to take a clear look,
oh what a horror to even consider looking in that book.
The Bible is there, the message is clear,
and yet we will not step out of our shell to see what is real.
We would rather hide in our shell, pretending that we cannot see,
ignoring the death that is approaching quickly.

Time rushes by, the offer is still there,
and yet we pass it by as we rush here and there.
Salvation is free to all who believe and yet we try to ignore it, we have places to be.
There is so much to do, so much to see,
that we forget what happen when in death our soul leaves.

The truth is so simple, it’s plain and clear, if you want to get to heaven all you have to do is kneel.
You can know, you can be sure, when you ask Jesus to come into your life, He will heal.
Your sins will be forgiven and in the end
you will go to eternity with God as your friend,
Being a Christian is not a trap, it shows you the way,
the real treasure’s in heaven, don’t delay.
You live your life for God, not because you must,
in him only do you trust.
He is true and faithful, your life is safe in his hand,
all of your life will be perfectly planned.
He will give you strength that is real,
but it only comes when you learn how to kneel.
And when you are dead, closed up in a box, your heavenly father can say “Well done my son.”
For when you accept Christ, and what He has done,
you are no longer a person but of God, his son.
You will dwell with God, after your death, for ever and ever in his Palace.
For God is your father, He is perfect and good
and he will fill the hole inside of you that you never could.

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