The Truth

Dragging silence into the world
Making love a powerful shield
The wind blows whist-fully
To the world of sadness they carried me

Joy and sadness came upon
Tears and laughter invaded some
Eyes and lips poker-ed everyone
The heart's waiting for what's to come

Friendship defines both
It's the safest one should've been clothed
Beyond everything is a pain
You will no longer be sane

Truth will set you free
Oh how wonderful it could be
To know what's really meant to be
You and I Could never be

Made myself believe
It'll be okay, my shadow said
In the darkest night I found the light
I realized in you, I've lost my sight.

by Marigold Baylon

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Nice poem, and yes, writing can be therapy and a way of knowing yourself. Thanks for sharing Peace
this poem deserves 10 rating