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The Truth

He makes me feel
Like theres nothing to fear in the world
He makes me think
Like im his only girl in the world
He makes me wonder
If its true
He always tell me
Im glad to be with you
But is this true, i can't decide
And the feeling i feel
I surley can't hide
So i'm asking you
Do you think its the truth
Cuz if not i want to know what to do
Maybe i should look behind those brown eyes
And find out what i feel inside
To think that this boy could play me like a toy
Would only break my heart so i chose to avoid
But when im laying down in bed
All those thoughts come running through my head
And i ask myself do i need this man
Do i need him or anyone to hold my hand
As i think, i think about what he tells me
And how i wish i could feel free
Wishin i could go to the land of glory
So its just me and him, face to face
And then i'll ask him if he beleives in faith
If me and him keep asking and wondering
Soon this rain will start lighting and thundering
But i dont wanna let him go
I just wanna let him know
That i love him with all my heart
And i will always remember the walks in the parks
I dont wanna worry and i dont wanna think
That the man i love so much is cheating on me
So i give him my trust to hold on too
And one day i wont have to worry about what he gon' do
Maybe its today, maybe its tommorrow
Someday i will leave this lonley, hurtful, sorrow

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i love this poem (the truth)