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The Truth

the truth is what you ask for
you ask if I’m ok
you ask why I’m so distant
so, what should I say
should I tell you I’m suffering
or should I just say im ok
because that would be a lie
to say I’m ok
I’m far from ok
you say you want the truth
but I know you won; t understand the truth
I just don; t know if I can tell you the truth
or if I should
for the last person I had this conversation with
blow up in my face
I thought she would understand
she said she would but she didn’t
I haven't seen her since that day
you turn to me again
and ask again
for the truth
I turn and tell you I don't know why I’m so distant
but I’m ok
I say its just me
its just how I am
what a lie I think to myself
you say ok and tell me you’re here if I need to talk
yeah right that is what she said when I wouldn't tell her
but when I told her she freaked and I lost her
the only person I trusted
now I think to myself
'I can always come and talk to you'
yeah right
so you can leave me to
I start to think what is the truth?
well first off I know I; m not ok
I’m suffering
I’m stressed
I’m depressed
I’m suicidal
I feel alone
there is a nice short summary
I’m in pain everyday
and I’m so confused

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This is a very good poem.