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The Truth About Iglooos
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The Truth About Iglooos

Poem By Lazarus Knix

“Do you use glue? ”
“Only while in an igloo”
“Then when do you? ”
“When the roof falls though”
“But aren’t igloos made of ice? ”
“Ice and glue, to be precise”
“After all, throughout the cold-
How do you expect our bricks to hold? ”
“Bricks of what? ”
“Bricks of ice-
Ice and glue, to be precise.”

“Well…I never knew that you used glue….”
“It’s a secret known by few”
“Why than was I never told? ”
“You don’t live within the cold.
Where the penguins roll and romp
Where the Yeti sews his socks
Where the snowflakes rise and fly
Where Eskimos freeze in July
Where the sun is cold as air
And where we use our underwear
As chisels, which shape and form
The bricks that build our chilly dorms”

“Then what of glue, where is it got? ”
“Why, from within our frozen socks! ”
You’d be amazed at how much there
Is beneath your big toenail…
THAT’S ENOUGH! ….I have to go…
Now I wish I didn’t know.

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