The Truth About 'Love'

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

As confusion invades my every thought
Doubt it the ultimate product
Doubtin if my life will ever be the same
Producing this inbearable pain
Which is driving me insane
Not knowing how long I can maintain
Or how much I can contain
And in the form of rain
I can feel the pain
Crashing down upon my pathetic life
Penetrating my heart as if it were to be stabbed by a knife
Love is just a form of suicide
Killing everything inside
Destroying any glimpse of hope you might find
Not realizing that love is just a fragment of your mind
Created by your imagination
Inspired by isolation
And now dying by your own creation
Resulting in a poisonous emotion
Which causes death in slow motion
I now begin to feel neglected
By the same people who has been infected
So you see
There's no reason to resist
If you still have that stupid idea that love does exist
Love is just the consolation of your fears which shadows your life in many different aspects
First, it creates illusion
Creating wrong interpertations of what love really does
And in the end you realize that love isn't what you thought it was
Love is a plague that gradually consumes your heart
With the soul purpose of tearing it apart
Second, it stimulates a special bond
And gives you the thought that nothing can go wrong
Finally, it begins to kill you slowly and painfully
Damaging your heart critically
Ending your life internally
Womdering if your able to overcome this obsession
Doubting your capability to survive this rejection
Your life is now headed in a different direction
All just because she changed her selection
She changed her mind of who she wants to be with
Making me believe that love is just a myth
Love is just fiction, an invention
And your brain is main frabrication
Now you've reached a certain stage
When your heart is filled with hatred and rage
The world turns into your mortal enemy
Setting a limit to your immunity
Supressing your durability
Questioning your stability
I finally opened my eyes
And realize
That I lived in a world full of lies
The words that came out of her mouth
Were lies without a doubt
She spoke of love and honesty
But in the end she said the contrary
She said she was confused
And as a result I was refused
But she underetimated me
She thought I wouldn't see
The real reason why she didn't with me
It was all caused by her best friend
And she looked so stupid trying to pretend
Trying to hide the real reason to why we weren't together in the end
My first and only regret
Is not learning how to forget
Cause there's still a part of me
That is hoping to see
Me and her back together
But I don't think that wil happen ever
Remembering the times we use to hold hands
Such litttle detail meant a lot to me
But I don't expect her to understand
Her mind was always clouded by unsirenty
Causing her to have mood swings frequently
Although it wasn't always like this
In fact everyday we use to share a kiss
But in about a month everything changed
Doubt began to appear
Which brought forth my greatest fears
The fear of losing her for ever
And never being together
She said she wasn't ready for a relationship
Putting in danger our campanionship
And even though I was willing to wait
I couldn't help it to think it might be too late
I was afraid that if I waited for her
She might've found someone better
And here I am now
Several months later trying so much not to hate her
I now live in misery
Trying to solve this mystery
So learn from my history
Don't make the same mistakes
Do whatever it takes
To avoid this deadly curruption
From total domination
And hopefully from the knowledge you've acquired
You realize that love is not required
So don't start thinking that its a blessing from above
Cause now you know the truth about ''Love''

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