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The Truth About Nothing
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

The Truth About Nothing

Poem By Eman Awad

It's when time stands still,
It's when no words are spoken,
It's when silence... kills.
I wish to say the truth about nothing,
about an unnamed feeling.
I wish to talk about the time,
when the pain does the healing.
Do you feel it?
when you can't tell the differents,
between day and night,
between darkness and light,
between the truth and lies,
when it comes, do you realise? ?

At this time you lose the power,
you simply can't resist.
It's the time to face the empty hours,
and try to break away.. through the mist.
It's when they hear when you whisper,
and life overrate.
And it seems you live till infinity,
unable to love or hate.
It's when you scream your heart out, covering your ears,
but they don't stop humming,
and humming,
and humming...
it's the emptyness,
and the lonliness..
It's the truth about nothing.....

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