The Truth About Parents

Parents think they know it all
But in reality
The truth is not what they hoped
They think that we
As in you and me
Have no rights
But all wrongs
Some of them
Are as kind as sugar and spice
But some are not so nice
A few of these monstous beings
Thought of us as dough
Punching and beating
Blow after blow
But i lucked out
I got the sugar and spice
I could not live nor think without
But sometimes i have my doubts
I've wished a time or two
That i could live with out you
But i would not know
Were to go
Nor where to eat
So i stay here
And have at least
Two socks upon my feet
Parents have a lot of knowledge
Only because they went through colledge
But you and me
Have a few tricks up our sleeves
We know when your right
And we know when your not
But it's best to keep quite
Or we end up thrown out in the leaves
This concludes
The parent poem
So be wise and do not abuse
The privileges and rights they let you lose

by Sean Miller

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