The Truth? Add And Divide By Two

Pervasive God just sprawls in size.
His arms are spiral nebulae.
His cosmic face is in the light
of myriad stars-his soul's good night.
Each feat's a stellar rarity
still fresh from singularity.
With God there is no other place.
God inward moves in godly space.
So looking up at night to scan;
next downcast seeing self-quarked man-
Know God once purely did resist,
abhorred these vacuums- we persist
in vile and shallow, sucking days-
Might God redeem us with death rays!
The God that has a billion eyes.
God in forever won't grow wise
God's lunch, a trillion black-hole stars.
God's noon, galactic dark just mars.
The God 'by chance' and not 'be kind'
leaves us alive. Our God is blind.
Our luck is that our God is blind.

Counter states:

God's in the smallest things we view;
a human heart, the small of you,
in spider's web he hangs his song,
in waves, the microscopic throng;
small recalling for- remember? -
in youth you loved Christ in December;
brief, jazz-band birds in shrinking light,
and petty wrongs' slight turn to right.
We're dust so scant- breeze heirs estates– -
when one small lock is sprung- flung Gates-
there, abiding, God's welcome, waits...

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