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The Truth Can Be Bitter

I have written reams and reams of stuff and bugger all my gain
And why i keep on penning on is beyond me to explain
The lesser Goddess of Doggerel she has a hold on me
Addictive behaviour it does seem keeps one in poverty,
I once had dreams of wealth and fame but dreams for few come true
And we only deserve in life what we are only due
The cream to the top always does rise that fact with us remain
And those with talent who work hard their goals in life attain,
I choose not to heed those who say to me you've written so much rhyme
And why do you keep on penning stuff it seems such a waste of time
The truth can be bitter i suppose their advice i do ignore
I just keep on penning more stuff with me it's much wants more
No shortage of addictive kind there are many such as i
But i will keep on penning rhyme until the day i die.

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