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The Truth Can Be Hurtful

You won't hear many white Australians speak
Of what happened in places like Mowla Bluff and Myall Creek
When Aboriginal people by whites to death were shot
Any crimes against humanity ought not to be forgot.

That such things never happened many wish to believe
But by thinking this way themselves they only deceive
For without any doubt these atrocities took place
And though the truth may seem bitter the truth we must face.

The convicts brought out by the British were treated so bad
And the stories about them were tragic and sad
But of crimes against Aboriginal people so few wish to hear
And the truth can be hurtful so the truth we do fear.

They were the first people of the great Southern Land
And the workings of Nature they did understand
But by the northern invaders they were dispossessed
And they were mistreated and downtrodden and oppressed.

The present Prime Minister of Australia by white Aussies empowered
The fellow referred to as wee Johnny Howard
To the descendants of Australia's first people sorry refuse to say
The old wounds of the past are still left to fester today.

Of what happened in places such as Mowla Bluff and Myall Creek so few wish to recall
As most people prefer to talk of a 'fair go for all'
But in human society for a fair go for all there was never a place
As we are judged by our wealth and religion and race.

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