The Truth Comes Out

It’s hard for me to go days without speakin
But it seems that right now
That’s desperately what I am needin
We want different things
I don’t want any commitment
I don’t have a wedding ring
You don’t think that we are meant to be
And that was made clear a few days ago followed by last night
You had all these other people in sight
And you lied
You said no one could ever be
But something different is what I came to see
You thought this the WHOLE time
And whenever I would ask you
You gave me a lie
Your voice lit up when you spoke of that girl
I wanted to hang up
But something told me to be strong
Wow the truth always comes out
Jus glad I was finally able
To hear it from YOUR mouth

by Shilesha Johnson

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Very nice once again your a very good poet...