Intense Focus

Poem By RoseAnn V. Shawiak

This is the last thing I'll write to you hopefully you'll understand and see
I am not upset with you I am piss because of the lies you told me
The truth didn't hurt but the lies really killed the man that I am
Guess your reason was right for you but even today I don't understand
The more anger and pain toward the pass I carry in my heart
The less capable of loving in the future and present I can start
You can forget what happened but remember you wasn't the Jack ass
If you don't remember what happened how will you progress
I would love to forget the ordeal and clear my head then get my rest
You don't talk to me when I bring up the pass but that's cool
It is what it is baby NO it is what we make it
I can't act like everything is ok I am not man that fake it
We both need to get it out our system WE been with each from our youth
I hope you understand with me THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE TRUTH
I can't say I don't still LOVE you and WANT you; this would be lying to myself
It would be lying to you, her and everyone else
Don't be mad at me for the truth and don't be mad at anyone else
THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH I just want you to find yourself

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you have a really strong voice man

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