The Truth Is You.

Who, here, wants to live in the dungeon?
Life without the reason
Casting heart of treason
Cold filled than mid-winter
It's the venture always going on.

Who, the one, want to end in the cemetery?
The truth in brief, fooled by the grief,
Last grazing lies in the coffin
Sensing soul apart from body
Freedom provokes silent slavery
It's peaceful to move on.

Who, the one, doesn't want any glory?
Please with his name entangled in praying
Pray by each in every sorry
Clapped in every word of delivery
It's the miracle as ego is on.

You are living behind curtain
Ignoring these voices
You are the killer of spirit
Living in slavery
You are prisoner of ego
Haunting by knowingness

Nothing seems vacant
Brief lust completed
Darkness won the play
You are the poisoners of light.

by Bigyan Mainali

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